Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Catrice Neo-Natured: NUDEtral nature lipstick and Walk in the woods blush (review with swatches)


Catrice Neo-Natured limited edition already hit the stores! With its natural colors and wooden details Neo-Natured is a perfect limited edition for Fall. Catrice Slovenia surprised me with two products to test (blush and a lipstick) and if you want to know what I think about them, keep on reading.

Catrice Neo Natured swatch NUDEtral nature Walk in the woods blush lipstick

Friday, October 21, 2016

Empties #2


I'm back with another batch of empties. Lately I've been really trying to use as much products as I can and I severely limited any new purchases. Since I took a blogging break I'm actually so behind with empties that I already have two to three more empties posts lined up. Let's see what I used up :)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Picture polish Kryptonite


It has been ages since I wore anything green on my nails. My pick was Picture polish Kryptonite. This is my second Picture polish nail polish and this one impressed me as well. The color is amazing, deep forest green with holo glitters. The formula of Picture polish Kryptonite is a bit thin so I needed three coats for this swatch but with this type of polish I am ok with it. Heavily pigmented formula would cover the holo glitters too much and you’d lose the “submerged” effect of the glitters. The application was easy breezy since the polish has a classic brush that allows you a lot of control. What I loved about this polish was also how smooth it dried despite the glitters. The removal of this polish was surprisingly easy, just like a crème one.  

Picture polish Kryptonite 3 coats + top coatPicture polish Kryptonite swatch

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Pink October (Breast cancer awareness month)


October is back *happy dance* But this doesn’t only mean roasted chestnuts, beautiful scenery and warm drinks, it’s also breast cancer awareness month. Just like last year Slovenian bloggers decided to help raise awareness about breast cancer, which takes the higher toll than any other type of cancer for women. Just like last year I cannot stress enough the importance of monthly self-examinations, so please hop on that train.

For nails, I decided to go with a pink marble design. For the base I used  Kiko multi effect 03 Cupcake Rose & Starry Crimson (coincidentally the same polish as last year). Once the base was dry, I filled a plastic cup with room temperature water and put in a drop of Barry M Silver polish. After it spread on the surface of the water, I prayed it with a body spray (anything with enough alcohol will do, for example hand sanitizers or rubbing alcohol). This caused separation and marble pattern starts to appear. Then you just dunk your nail in the water as you would with water marbling and repeat the whole process for other nails. The cleanup is not that bad since it’s not much polish in the water but next time I’ll probably use liquid latex/glue. I’m on a matte kick so of course I had to put matte top coat over it - Catrice Silk matt top coat.

Having a light box is great since you can take photos in the middle of the night if you want to (I usually do) However there are rare cases where the mani just doesn’t want to cooperate with artificial lightning which happened in this case. So in this post you get natural light photos.

pink october pink marble nail art

Monday, October 10, 2016

New in #2: Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp edition

If you follow Slovenian bloggers on social media you've already been bombarded with reports from our second blogger conference Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp. The organization was on point and Nika really did think of every little thing. I think all of us are so grateful, not only for all the amazing lectures but also for the opportunity to hang out with fellow bloggers and all the inspiration and motivation to improve our blogs even more. I would like to thank Nika again for making this all happen.

Special thanks also goes to all the companies who sponsored Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp: Alessandro, Avon, Box of Roses, Caudalie, Catrice, Curaprox, Decléor, Depend, Dvorec Trebnik, dm drogerie markt, e-kozmetika.si, Essence, Kozmetika Afrodita, KSFH, Labello, LaBri, L'Oréal Paris, Nivea, Philips, Ličila.si Le Couvent des Minimes, L'Occitane, Medex, Melvita,, Makeup Revolution, trend it up, VivaDerm, s.Oliver, SMILE concept store, Vichy, Adria Media Ljubljana, Cosmopolitan, La Roche-Posay and Hotel Lev, Ljubljana.

Disclaimer: bloggers got many gifts but this is not the reason for blogging or going to conference/events. This is a way to thank the sponsors and to show the readers what could be reviewed next. I am a very Type A personality (I just like control hehe) so a huge pile of unsorted bags kinda freaks me out. Now that I have all nicely documented, I can put each item in its place. I already know I won't be keeping everything. First reason is that I'm only one person and I can only use up products in a normal quantities. Second not everything works for my skin type/tone so I'd rather gift it to family, friends or readers who will use and enjoy the product.
new in beautiful bloggers meetup haul

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Unicorn nails (Beautiful Bloggers Meetup 2016)


A year quickly rolls around and it's time for another Beautiful Bloggers Meetup! We had such a blast last year so this year the organizer Nika Veger from Beautyfullblog has an even tougher job. I have no doubt that this year the Meetup will be even better.

This year’s theme is unicorns so I decided to do a unicorn inspired mani. I love this year’s colors, the tickets are black, white and gold so this was my mani inspiration. For base I used Orly Liquid vinyl and for stamping I used Essence A piece of forever. I had to search really hard to find my one and only stamping plate with a unicorn pattern  This is a plate I got from KKCenterHK - NNAIL-SPPMF14. Damask pattern is from MoYou Fashionista 07 plate. I've been really liking the matte effect lately so I mattified my nails with Catrice Silk matte top coat and I love the end effect.

The real MVP is the clear stamper that I have been using religiously ever since I got it. Such a game changer, especially for stamping small detail images like this unicorn. Now I can actually see where the image is going to be placed. If you like stamping, I really recommend you the clear stamper, best few euros ever spent.

Monday, October 3, 2016

New in #1


I've been writing this post for about  a week now :) I'd like to apologize in advance for the photos, they're a mash up of camera and phone so they really don't go together. I haven't had the time (or will hehe) to re-shoot it and some of the waxes are already opened so please bare with me. 

Alpstories "Treat yo self" bodymilk*, Rose moisturizing face cream* and Alpstores Cleansing gel Sage & mint*
This was the second time the company had to send me the products. So whoever stole the first package, I hope you're feeling really proud of yourself. Also I hope that the products broke you out. #petty
Alpstories allows you to get creative and design your own packaging as well as the content of the product. I went wild and created my very own bodymilk. "Treat yo self" bodymilk* is packed with extracts of aloe vera, poison ivy, grapefruit, ginkho and natural scent of pomegranate. So far I really enjoy it. It has a thinner consistency so it sinks into the skin fast but nourishes it at the same thime. I also love the sweet yet citrusy scent. Alptories Rose moisturizing face cream* was my second product of choice. I only tested it a few times. It doesn't smell to much of roses which I like but it was a bit heavy for Summer/early Fall. I'll test it better in the colder times. Also a big plus for being vegan, some face creams unfortunately still use animal ingredients. They also put a surprise product in the box, Alpstores Cleansing gel Sage & mint*. It's meant to clean and purify your skin so it's a bit too much for my dehydrated skin and it leaves it screaming for moisture. But on my back and shoulders where my skin can get a bit problematic, it works well.

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